I have missed this...

Wooooow.... It's been a really long time since I've posted anything. I kind of forgot about this blog. Tumblr can just be too addicting. But I guess I should get back into the groove of posting here since I have missed it quite a bit :)

Just a random song that I liked from todays SoundCloud browsing. There wasn't much of anything that I really liked but this track stood out.

JumoDaddy SoundCloud



The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (live acoustic) Ram Jam

I've been really into The Neighbourhood for some time now. I can't help but fall more and more in love with them. They're definitely in my top 5 artists I MUST see live this year.

Kiss Me (Live) - Ed Sheeran and Gabrielle Aplin

I think the overall theme for the week is Love!


Vicetone // Dj Sliink

 photo tumblr_mj5uafd6QO1s6q9wao1_500_zpsf2191f7b.gif

I had to post these two songs. They both follow the same theme for the day... love. "Heartbeat" is one of those songs that I couldn't live without now that I've heard it. The lyrics are perfect. Even though breathtaking is often used to describe visible forms of beauty, I can't think of a more suitable word to describe how I feel about this song. And who doesn't love an electrifying Rihanna song nowadays? Her sultry voice carries such a sense of power.

Vicetone Soundcloud

DJ Sliink Soundcloud

Mellow Mondays

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Oh Monday, I really don't see why everyone hates you so much. You're just another day of the week. Instead of seeing you as the start of a school / work week, I think people should see you as a gift. Another day on this beautiful planet known as earth. Maybe if people started their weeks with a positive outlook, more opportunities and chances for happiness would come their way...

This is probably one of the best Mellow Mondays I've done so far. It's not that the songs are any better than the rest, I always post what I believe to be great music. It's just that most of todays songs add to my current mood and thoughts. There's been a great deal of thinking about love going on inside my head. It's always comforting when you hear music that you can relate to. So here ya go...

P.S. Number one is my fav!

//Fractures Soundcloud

Anoraak Soundcloud

Jess Mills Soundcloud

N U A G E S Soundcloud


Melanie Fiona - 4am *Flufftronix Luvstep Bootleg*

This song isn't new, I just felt like posting it.

Melanie Fiona - 4AM (Flufftronix Luvstep Bootleg) by flufftronix

Stefan Biniak - The Read All About It Bootleg

I want to sing
I want to shout
I want scream til the words dry out...

This song is beyond worthy of a post. I think this will be one of those tracks I can't stop playing for the next few months. It brings about such a positive feeling for me. I love it when music is able to do that.
Stefan Biniak Soundcloud


The Weeknd - Twenty Eight *music video*

Not a huge fan. I think more could've been done with this. I get the feeling that people think if they have topless girls in a music video, it will automatically make up for the video being boring.